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Don't Let Fear Hold You Back by KumaMask Don't Let Fear Hold You Back by KumaMask
Heyo heyo guys, KumaMask here!~ pokemon gif Charizard 

Here's more of Pokémon Postivity for you!~

Once more, we'll be talking about fear in my description blub blubs!~ Shock Charizard  If I'm not mistaken, in the anime there were at least a couple episodes about Ash's charizard overcoming his fears or something like that (sorry guys, it's been at least 14 years since I watched those episodes I'm trying to talk about, I don't remember exactly what happened there!) Crying Charizard  And anyways, that's just why I chose charizard to go along with the quote.

This a very important quote to me, personally. I mean, fear exists in our lives for a reason, and it isn't just a bad thing at all. Fear exists to hold us back from certain things, to make us aware of danger and protect us from our own stupidity, it's literally a natural and instinctive thing that allow us to survive.

However, in some cases, we have to overcome fear. Because instead of protecting us from danger, it holds us back. Now, raise up your hand if you have never lost an opportunity because of fear. Most of us did it and will do it again, so don't worry.

It is actually very hard to talk about this, because I depend on people's self consciousness to give advices. Like, how can I differentiate one's silly fears from the serious ones? This is something each person needs to learn to identify and fight or follow. So here goes a warning for everyone to take, for all situations: Before you follow a person's advice, think about it. Does it work for me? Does it apply to my current situation? Is it telling me to do something wrong? This is really serious, guys. I know people who would follow bad advices blindly whitout thinking about them twice, and if I'm accidentally giving out bad advices, I want you guys to be able to think by yourselves and don't follow them. This is something to take for your whole life.

Okay, now back to fears: We all lose opportunities due to fear. When it comes to losing opportunities because we were too afraid to move, it's as I said before, think before you take a move. Sometimes is good to listen to your instincts instead of being 100% rational. It doesn't go against what I said before, because I'm not telling you to just follow one or another, but more than that, find a balance between them. If you got a bad feeling about a certain thing, it might be bad for you, even if you end up feeling like you've lost a chance. You see, sometimes, we're afraid of things for no reason at all, and that is our gut feeling, telling us not to do something that will be bad for us later. However, sometimes it is just us being anxious and panicking.  

So here's my advice for you guys on this topic: If you're uncertain about things, search for help, seek out for different opinions of reliable people and think for yourself as well, but don't be so afraid to the point you can't make any move just because of sheer fear.

The other case I wanted to talk about is fear as a insecurity. I've met countless talented people throughout my entire life who were afraid to reach their full potential because they either couldn't see it or had been mentally harmed in some sort of way that let them afraid of showing their bright side to the world. People who had beautiful voices, people who could act like a pro, amazingly talented and discouraged artists, people who played instruments wonderfully, people with a lot of potential to learn languages or something, math geniuses who didn't think they were smart enough... I've seen many cases of people like that. And in the end, when they fought their fears, they found out how talented they were, they found out that they could do just so much more than they thought they could. 

Like, I guess this is the main message here, and it is actually another quote I'm working on, which completes this one: You can do so much more than you know, so don't let fear hold you back. 


That was all for now, and... Sorry if this was too unclear or uncertain, but this is a really hard topic to talk about and give advices without knowing people. Each case is a case, and here I am, trying to talk to a bunch of people I don't know at once. But then again: I'm trusting each one's self consciousness to take my advices or not, depending on how they apply to themselves.

Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend!pokemon gif Charizard 
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ElectroSkull64 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow this is a beast! ^^ loving your Charizard! 
KumaMask Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2017
Thank you!! I think I'll remake this piece someday, though O 3 O
ElectroSkull64 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooh cool then, but I still think this is really great ^^
KumaMask Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2017
Awwwh, thanks! It makes me really happy to hear this!
ElectroSkull64 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome ^^
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Unfallen-Skies Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, nice work and great feeling behind it
KumaMask Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016
Thank you so much!!~ Glad to hear it!
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